• To summarize, the CTMU is a theory of reality-as-mind, in principle spanning all of science while permitting a logical analysis of consciousness and other subjective predicates (this does not mean that it has “solved all of the problems” of science and the philosophy of mind, but only that it has laid the preliminary groundwork).  It provides the logical framework of a TOE, yielding an enhanced model of spacetime affording preliminary explanations of cosmogony, accelerating cosmic expansion, quantum nonlocality, the arrow of time, and other physical and cosmological riddles that cannot be satisfactorily explained by other means.  The CTMU penetrates the foundations of mathematics, describing the syntactic relationships among various problematic mathematical concepts in a reality-theoretic context.  It is the culmination of the modern logico-linguistic philosophical tradition, reuniting the estranged couple consisting of (rationalistic) philosophy and (empirical) science.  It provides an indispensable logical setting for Intelligent Design.  And perhaps most importantly, the CTMU enables a logical description of God and an unprecedented logical treatment of theology, comprising a metaphysical framework in which to unite people of differing faiths and resolve religious conflicts