• ...If the universe were pluralistic or reducible to its parts, this would make God, Who coincides with the universe itself, a pluralistic entity with no internal cohesion. But because the mutual syntactic consistency of parts is enforced by a unitary holistic manifold with logical ascendancy over the parts themselves - because the universe is a dual-aspected monic entity consisting of essentially homogeneous, self-consistent infocognition - God retains monotheistic unity despite being distributed over reality at large.
  • It comes down to coherence; the wave function of the universe must be coherent in order for the universe to be self-consistent. Otherwise, it pathologically decoheres into independent and mutually irrelevant subrealities. Because the universe is both cognitive and coherent, it is a Mind in every sense of the word. "God" is simply a name that we give in answer to the unavoidable question "Whose Mind?"

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